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World Cup 2011

The much awaited and anticipated event of 2011 and perhaps the most popular event in the history of Cricket, ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is just around the corner. Starting on the 19th of February 2011 the event will be Co hosted by India and Bangladesh respectively. Initially Pakistan was also supposed to be hosting the event but unfortunately due to security concerns Pakistan was scrapped from the host list.
The decision by the international cricket council to remove Pakistan as one of the venues for world cup matches came as a shock for not only the Pakistan Cricket Board but also to the whole nation. The decision came as a spontaneous response to the unfortunate incident that took place in March last year, when the Sri Lankan team was attacked in Lahore. The International Cricket Council stated that the decision was made keeping in mind the security of the players as well as the spectators that will be coming from all over the world to support their countries.
However many people are of the view that the decision by the ICC had political roots involved in it, as ICC was pressurized by the BCCI and the Indian government respectively. This is because India will be the one benefitting the most from this. Another important point to ponder is that whatever the reasons may be good or bad, it is clear that the world does not want to see Pakistan progressing and therefore are continuously putting barriers on its road to success.
Conclusively I would say that , let us not look back and loose hope rather we should stand firm as a nation support and pray for our national team and bring back the World Cup again.

Pakistan Zindabad!



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