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Carnival De Venezia Port Grand

Venice is the City of Love known for its great history, fashion and some great Italian Food. If you ever had a desire to visit Venice and you live in Karachi then you missed your chance as recently Port Grand gave Karachiites a chance to experience what it feels like to be in Venice, by holding an Italian festival Carnival De Venezia from 29th to 30th of June 2013.

It was an international event, which was first of its kind to be ever held in Pakistan, with the aim of promoting Italian culture, fashion and food. Organized by the Trade and Development Authority of Pakistan the event had Italian Ambassador as the chief guest of Honor and soon after his arrival the event officially commenced. Although there were a number of events in the carnival but the highlight of the carnival was the Italian Food Street.

While walking around at Port Grand one gets the feeling of walking on the lanes of Venice and that was exactly how Port Grand had setup their food street. If you ever wondered what the real Italian food is and how it tastes then Port Grand Italian Festival was definitely a place to visit. From pizzas to pastas to Lasagna you name it and there you could have it. As a huge fan of pizza what fascinated me the most was the different flavors of pizza and of course their different styles were fascinating too. I must add they were totally delicious too. Apart from the various dishes the next attraction was the Italian desserts counter. Being a true foodie and sweet lover the setup and the dishes were totally mouthwatering and too tempting to resist.

As a food lover and a traveller I feel this event deserves a huge round of applause for making every possible effort to promote Italian Culture and food. The world as we all know it has become a global village and in order to get something or see something you don’t necessarily have to be there.

Karachi as we all know it is a mixed platter where you can find just any sort of food at any time at any place. The charm of Karachi is its diversification in cultures and foods.  A huge credit for this goes to the internet and social media. Ordering your choice of food is now a click away 24/7.

One such amazing online food delivery service is that of Food Panda pk. With 100s of restaurants live on their site customers can order just anything anytime anywhere simply by clicking on .

So to conclude I would say food is life. Enjoy life. Eat healthy and eat well.



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