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Where Would I Rather Be


I was born into a beautiful world being blessed with wonderful gift of God, Life. I was born into a world that I thought to be a completely different place from what it is today. As a child I was fascinated by the little things around me family, home love care etc. All seemed so peaceful and life indeed was a blessing.

As I started growing older I realized that the world is a totally different place from what I thought it would be. I realized life is more complex than what was shown in fairytales. With every passing day I was unfolded with harsh realities of this world. A world where killing is done for fun, bomb blasts are common, rapes are legal and there is no respect for relationships. In addition to this I also realized the world is full of selfish people and that nothing is a piece of cake. We are surrounded by people who love to play with our emotions, have no respect and values and breaking hearts is a norm. All these things lead me to these simple question “Why was I born into this place?” “Where would I rather be?”

Realising that there is nowhere I can go, I would rather choose to make efforts to change the world around me in every way possible. They say little things make a huge difference, so why not start doing our bit and make a difference ?  It’s not that difficult after all. Value the people around you show you care for them and in return they will care for you. Respect your family and  value relationships.

However we all are humans and we love to live in our own fantasy world. We love to dream but will never make efforts to achieve them. In light of all these things many people would say that they would prefer to live in their own fantasy world a world free of worries and hardships.

As for me “ I would rather be a part of this complex world and try to make my life better whatever way I can.”



Wietr, social media enthusiast, sports freak foodie and movie lover. Enterprenuer and PR Professional

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