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Modern Family: TV Show Review

When the primary source of local and international entertainment is booming with cheesy slapstick humor, inappropriate cartoons and uncertain over dramatic news the audience looks for some space to find some good quality entertainment, finally we don’t have to look any further.

Modern Family is a comedy show from the USA which has been sweeping away all the big awards for a new sort of humor that it has introduced. The show revolves around the stereotypes of family adding an element of modernity to it. A competitive mother,  her slapstick funny husband (who just nails the job of being ‘that guy’) and their three children, a retired rich man who has married his beautiful new Colombian trophy wife and a gay couple trying to grow a child up. The interesting part is that the dynamics of the families in the United States are much different than here but the plots are such that families around the world can at some point relate to it.

The way modern family is very unique and hilarious, it’s like a family diary/ therapy with monologues between the shows to describe how they feel about something and tell us their side of the story regarding a situation. During the plot one of the characters might give a look at the camera as if trying to prove a point which becomes hilarious.

I was reluctant at first to watch a comedy show when there is all the good stuff out there to watch like breaking bad, mad men or game of thrones but one day to humor myself I started watching the show and I am gladly hooked to it. The show isn’t entirely in a sequence but it is of course better to watch it from the top, starting from season one. You will feel it keeping you in a good mood for the main part of your day.

All in all modern family teaches a lot of value lessons too about being a family and being there for each other at all costs no matter what rough patches you go through and along with it is belly cracking funny. I recommend it to all of you. A must watch with a 4.5/5 rating.


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