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The Great Chineese Food Festival

Hungry for Chinese?  Here’s a great news for all food lovers, foodpanda brings you “the great Chinese food festival”. Get ready to delve into the most ecstatic food experience of your life! Mark your calendars, put reminders,  the day is finally here giving you the best of the 21st century. Your hungry taste buds wouldn’t want to quit trying the scrumptious, healthy and most of all delicious Chinese menu.

Hold your breath, for there is more! Your favorite restaurants are offering you killer discounts. Divine restaurants such as China Town, The Chinese Express, Taipei, Heng Cheng, Ming Court and others are giving you a royal welcome at a not at all royal price. Now how does that feel?

It gets even better! Foodpanda cares about your wallet as much as it cares about your appetite. Therefore, all restaurants will feature exciting deals ceiling up to 50% off on the entire menu. Great, eh?

Such great offer and being chineese food lover I will surely going to be ordering from my favourite restaurant MingCurt. After all whats better than enjoying your  favourite soup, fried prawns and beef chilli and that too all for 50% off. Amazing !

What is greater is yet to come!

The day on which aromas from the best of kitchens, finest knife work, healthy cooking and tantalizing flavors will drive your senses crazy. The perfect stress reduction technique! Seeing is believing! So Lahoris, what are you waiting for the time has arrived just log onto our website and enjoy your meal.

Offers like these are the main reason why has gained an immense popularity amongst the food lovers. Whenever you hear the word food, foodpanda is the first thing that comes to your mind. That is why Food panda believes in making your hunger dreams come true.

Chineese Fp



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