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CCBPL And WWF World Environment Day Activity

When it comes to corporate social responsibility no one does it better than Coke. As being one of the largest Multinationals operating in the country Coke is always on the front foot in doing something new to not only make its employees happy but also keep its customers happy.

This year as part of its Global Environment Day Activity Coca Cola Joined hands with World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to go on a Tree Plantation Drive at the Sandspit beach. The basic objective of this activity was to show that Coca Cola supports WWF for its efforts in preserving the environment and doing eco friendly activities inorder to make our surrounding a better place to live in.

More than 100 employees from coke participated in the activity.  The CCBPL’s employees were divided into 4 different groups at WWF’s Sandspit Center where each group participated in various environmentally friendly activities such as mangrove plantation, learning in a Green Workshop, team building exercise and beach cleaning.  The activity was a full day event. The first part of the event was Beach Cleaning activity where all the employees of coke ventured the seashores to pick up all the waste and and make it clean. The second part was the mangrove plantation drive in which almost 200 trees were planted at the Mangroves Wetlands range. Each employee played his/her role and planted couple of trees to show their support. Not only there were coke employees but also many student volunteers who participated to show their support and contribute. In the end a walk was organized to which leading inside the mangroves forest to observe the beauty and purity of nature including bird watching which heightened the impact of the walk.


After the event there was a briefing by regional director WWF MR Rabnawaz, where he was reported to have said that “WWF has been joining hands with various organizations over the years for different eco friendly projects but Coca cola has been their oldest partners and have always been supportive of our causes”.

Such environment friendly activities  show that companies  like Coca Cola care about the environment and its people and in my opinion is a great  step towards building of a healthy and clean environment.




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