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Olpers Ramzaan Meherbaan Campaign


With the arrival of Ramzaan each year, we are bound to see brands coming up with unique campaigns and creative idea that helps in some way to contribute towards the betterment of the society and be socially responsible. This Ramzaan one such campaign that really touched thousands of hearts and became the talk of the town was by Olpers. “Olpers Meherbaan”.

The basic idea of the campaign was to spread happiness by distributing food rations to the underprivelaged and the needy. The purpose was to make these people know that they are cared for and that Olpers believe in the moto of Sharing is Caring.


The campaign was a whole month activity that was planned really well and done systematically. Not only were the brand people involved directly but also students volunteers and youth were actively involved and talking about it on all social media platforms.

In addition to this, I believe the volunteers deserve a big round of applause and appreciation. Working while fasting tirelessly in the scorching heat and making sure that the food is delivered to the people right on time is indeed a tough job and a big kudos to them for executing it perfectly.

IMG-20150709-WA0000 IMG-20150709-WA0004

With the objective of sharing happiness with as many families as they could the campaign was a huge success in my opinion as it was able to feed almost 25000 households and therefore it deserves an applause. Not only was the campaign able to revive the spirit of sharing but it also made us believe that small acts of kindness infact does make a huge difference in bringing a change in someone’s life.




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