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Swaarangi The Film

Year 2015 has seen Lollywood on Fire with continuous releases. The revival of Pakistani cinema has shown that the audience is interested in watching stories that reflect our own culture and values. One such movie that is predicted to do a great business is Swaarangi (based on a life of a typical village woman).

Written and Directed by Phida Hussain the debut director, the film marks the comeback of legendary actress Resham after a gap of nine years on the silver screen. For Pakistani cinema lovers Resham factor was a big thing but the much controversy that went around the movie pre release, created some disappointment for the audience. In additional to Resham other members of the cast include Ayub Khosa, Naveed Akbar, Waseem Manzoor, Hamza Mushtaq and Shazaib Johar.

The story revolves around the character of Salma (Resham) who is extremely worried and unhappy because of her husband’s drug addiction. Jamal’s (Naveed Akbar) condition and addiction keeps on getting worse and worse as for him nothing matters more than the drugs itself. His best friend Zaryab (Waseem Manzoor), is seen in a negative role who makes sure that Jamal does not leave drugs and makes his condition even worst. The later part of the story revolves around how a drug addict person neglects his family and its consequences on his family. Being jobless and drug addict Jamal has no choice but to sell his children upon the advice of Zarryab to Saeen (Ayub Khosa) who is shown as the head of Drug Mafia in the village. Later as the story progresses Jamal after seeing how much his sons love him realizes his mistake and tries heading back home but in vain.

In short the movie is totally based on reality and depicts a harsh reality of most village housewives who are suffering due to their husbands drug addiction. As a debutant there is no doubt in saying that Phida Hussain has indeed put up a good work but some gliches in the movie might disappoint the audience. The camerawork is of extremely low quality which does not make it appealing to watch. Additional to this the overall pace of movie is very slow which might bore you at some points.

Conclusively it is worth mentioning that even after making a comeback after so long Resham has again proved her worth with her amazing acting skills which is in my opinion the only highlight of the film and perhaps the only factor that will make Cinema lovers go watch this film.




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