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HO Mann Jahaan: A Musical Journey

The year 2016 started off with a bang for Pakistani Cinema with the release of Asim Raza’s Debut film and much awaited Ho Mann Jahaan that released nationwide on 1st January, 2016. The movie released under the banner of ARY Films has been the talk of the town since couple of months because of its exceptional promotional activities and publicity.

Before taking a look at what the movie has to offer there is no doubt in the fact that Lollywood is on the move and that to in the positive direction with the release of blockbuster hits such as Bin Roye and MOOR. The year 2016 even looks more promising as around 40 movies are expected to release during the year.

HO Mann Jahaan has been in the lime light for quite some time now and like any other Pakistani movie there was too much hype for the movie. Directed by Asim Raza, CoProduced by Asim Raza and Sheryar Munawar Siddiqui the movie stars the beauty queen of the Pakistani Cinema Mahira Khan, The talented Sheryar Munawar, Adeel Hussain and the ever gorgeous Sonya Jahan. Alongside the main lead actors the cast also include Nimra Bucha, Bushra Ansari, Jamal Shah, and couple of guest appearances by Fawad Khan, and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

The Plot:

Ho Mann Jahaan is a coming of age urban story set in the present time. The story revolves around 3 friends Nadir (Adeel Hussain), Munizeh (Mahira Khan) and Arhaan (SheryarMunawar).The story goes about how these 3 friends who belong to different social backgrounds are about to be business graduates soon and develop interest for music. However as they graduate from university their lives take major turns due to the circumstances that develop and how they go about dealing these changes. Mahira plays the role of a daughter of an artist, and how she takes her passion for music. Nadir is shown as the only child belonging to an affuluant family who cannot go against the wishes of his parents and how his parents see everything from the aspect of how society will view it. On the the otherhand Arhaan plays the role of a middle class family boy who has no interest in studies and thus end up failing university. Lastly Sabina (Sonya Jahaan) plays the role of an independent women running her own café.

One really positive point about the movie was the way characters have been developed throughout as the story progresses and the way the actors have done justice to their roles. However it is important to mention here that if there has to be one standout performance it has to be that of Sheryar Munawar who has absolutely performed his role to perfection. Mahira Khan has been good at some places but her expressions lacked at places too. On the other hand Adeel Hussain has been too flat in his expressions and personally I believe he could have done a better job with his role.

Another point worth mentioning is the music of the movie. The soundtrack is an absolute treat to hear and the songs and choreography everything is done to perfection especially Shakar Wandare which is already a social media hit and is the inn mehndi song now.

However every movie has some glitches. HO Mann Jahaan inspite of top notch acting and superb direction in my opinion lacked depth at few places and also the story progression is a bit too slow which also made the movie a bit too lengthy. But keeping other factors aside Ho MANN Jahaan is a complete package and a family entertainment movie  and is sure set to make its mark on the box office.



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