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Jalal Sons Introduces Peri Peri Pizza

Jalal sons has always been popular for its bakery items and especially for its fresh oven baked pizzas. Keeping their speciality in mind Jalal Sons recently introduced the Peri Peri Pizza. And oh whenever you talk about food Foodpanda is your messenger. They Launched the Peri Peri Pizza in collaboration with Jalal Sons and delivered us fresh oven hot Pizza at our doorstep.

Being a pizza lover myself, for me nothing was more exciting and mouth watering then to get a chance to try the new Peri Peri Pizza first. One would expect as to whether the taste will be good or not because not everyone can give you the correct peri peri flavor that too in a pizza. But “Oh My God” when I finally tried it, it was beyond my expectations and worth falling in love for.

Pizza 1

The Pizza arrived fresh and hot Kudos to team Foodpanda for delivering it dot on the time and fresh. I ordered deep pan and it proved to be perfect choice since nothing better than a well done deep pan crust. The pizza was cheesy which made it all the more delicious and just perfect for my liking. However I feel as faras the peri peri part is concerned it could have been better if they could add bit more flavor to it otherwise it was good. The pizza was spicy which all the more made the flavor come out.

All in all I would say that Jalalsons Peri Peri Pizza, has to be the best pizza by Jalalsons so far. Also you could enjoy a 20% off if you order it directly from Foodpanda. So whats better than having a pizza that too on a discount ! Visit Foodpanda website and get your Peri Peri Pizza delivered and enjoy taste like never before.



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