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Celeb Talks:Exclusive Interview of Humaira Asghar Ali

Humaira Asghar Ali is a name that needs no introduction. The model has been in the limelight since years and currently there will be no doubt in saying that she is considered amongst the top Pakistani Models. The model has been the headlining for many brands and designers, and her charming looks and glamourous style has always been the hot topic for fashionistas everywhere.


The stunning model is one of the most friendliest and down to earth celeb you will ever come across and we got to know this side of hers when we interviewed her recently while she was in Lahore for a brand shoot.

Here is what the model has to say  about her life her style and work in her exclusive interview:

  1. Who is Humaira Asghar Ali, Describe in 3 Lines?

Humaira: My full name is Humaira Asghar Ali, a simply multi talented person.I have been a  performing arts student and besides being a model i am an actor, a painter, designer, visual arts artist, sculptor, free thinker and an adventurous soul.

2. What made you choose modelling as a career?

Humaira:  I am blessed with a lot of God gifted abilities which in my opinion is a great blessing of God. I got aesthetics of style, dressing, make new trends and carry own fashion and creations according to my personlity. This extraordinary talent made me choose modelling as a career.

3. Who has been your inspiration and role model in modelling?

Humaira: Marlyin Monroe, Tyra Banks and Broke Shield.


4. What is your biggest dream?

Humaira: To become the world’s best super model and super star.

5. What is the one most toughest challenge you have to face as a model?

Humaira: I dont think there is anything tough and no challenge as such still waiting and when i will face it ill face it with courage and determination to overcome challenge of any sort.

6. Your message for all the young girls out there who aspire to be models?

Humaira: My meesage to all is to stay focused, work hard and give your best. Dont use short cuts, which many people try to look for just be patient and trust yourself and your talent.







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