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Saya E Khudda E Zuljalal

Since the revival of Pakistani Cinema, many movies have been made on various topics and genre. Be it comedy, action, Rom Com or drama, you get to see all. However when it comes to making a movie on the lines of patriotism and promoting a feeling of nationalism, you dont see many. The recently released Pakistani film Saya E Khudda E Zuljalal is one such movie based on the idea of nationalism and promoting Patriotism.

Starring Moammar Rana, Javed Shaikh, Rachell Gill, Noor Bukhari, Firdous Jamal Nimra Khan and others Written and Produced by Dr Tauseeef, and Directed by Umair Fazli  Saya E Khudda E Zuljalal is the story of our motherland Pakistan, what it means to its people and especially those who have sacrifised their lives to protect our Nation, our beloved Pakistan.


The movie basically revolves around our National unsung heroes who sacrificed their lives to make and protect Pakistan. It tells us the story of Squadron Leader MM Alam from 1965 war, and other heroes who played their part in protecting the country such as Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Major Shafqat Baloch and others. The movie takes you back during the war period of 1965 and is a narrative of Hamza played by the legendary Javed Shaikh and his account of that era.It even highlights some instances of pre partition era where Quaid e Azam is seen talking to Gandhi on the killings of hindus and muslims during that time. As the story progresses it shows how Hamza’s son Haider grows up to be a typical police officer always on the lookout for bribe and filling pockets but when the circumstances change and he is given a mission to counter terrorism how Haider’s life completely changes.

The movie in my opinion is a great effort in highlighting the sacrifices that our armed forces personnel make and in creating a feeling of patriotism. However as far  as direction is concerned it is a beautifully directed movie but with some flaws such as acting being below average at some points. But all in all the strong narrative and some quality war shots covers the flaws and makes it a worth watch for all.





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