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Lahore, January 11, 2018: Coca-Cola will be bringing the FIFA World Cup Original Trophy to Lahore, Pakistan on February 3, 2018 creating a historic occasion giving Pakistani fans the chance to experience football’s most coveted prize.

The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tourby Coca-Cola will give millions of people around the world the opportunity to get ready to taste the feeling of the world’s largest, most anticipated sporting event – the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. In hosting this momentous, international tour, Coca-Colaand FIFA invite fans to get up close and personal with the same trophy that is presented by FIFA to the winning country of the FIFA World Cup™.This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for thousands of fans to see the most iconic symbol in football and share their passion for the game.

Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan & Afghanistan remarked that the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy’s visit to Pakistan – a historicfirst for the country – is a proud moment not only for football fans but for the entire country, as it promotes a softer image of the nation on the global stage. “Pakistan has millions of footballenthusiasts and we are extremely excited that Pakistan is able to be a part of the Trophy Tour this year. Coca-Cola has always been the pioneer in taking initiatives that resonate deeply with the youth and support their development. Be it music, education, environment or sport, Coca-Cola firmly believes in the power of the young generation in the country.Football is not only an emerging sport in Pakistan but also fast becoming a key platform of self-expression for the youthconnecting them beyond social and cultural boundaries.”

The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tourby Coca-Cola kicked off in September 2017 in Russia and will visit more than 50 countries across six continents, travelling 126,000 kilometers in the nine months leading up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. Within Russia, the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tourby Coca-Cola will visit 25 cities – the longest host country tour in history.

A delegation of sixteen Pakistanis, including representatives from media, The Coca-Cola Company and Pakistan National Football Team, will join the Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand to receive the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy and bring it to Lahore, Pakistan. The Trophy will remain in Pakistan for one day and will be unveiled for a viewing experience to the media and thousands of Football fans at the Coke Fest in Lahore.

Zainab Abbas

For Pakistani football devotees, the visit of the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy is just the beginning. Following this historic event, Coca-Cola Pakistan will undertake a series of initiatives across the country to promote and celebrate the fans’ love for Football. In addition to the Trophy Tour, Coca-Cola will roll out a consumer promotion offering the fans a chance to attend the FIFA World Cup in Russia including a unique opportunity to represent Pakistan at the Coin Toss ceremony in one of the matches.

The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola is an extraordinary opportunity for people to take in a piece of football history and share with each other their passion for the sport. The emotions of seeing the FIFA World Cup Original Trophy will stay in football fans’ memory for a long time.

For the latest updates from the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola including upcoming tour destinations and dates, exclusive interviews, photos and videos, visit the official, the official Facebook page the official Instagram page at

The Coca-Cola Company has had a long-standing relationship with FIFA since 1976 and has been an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™ since 1978. Coca-Cola has had stadium advertising at every FIFA World Cup™ since 1950 and is a long-time supporter of football at all levels. This is the fourth time that Coca-Cola and FIFA have come together to bring the Trophy Tour to the world.

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Q Mobile Bridal Couture Week 2017 Styled by Sweet Touch!

Karachi March (31, 1, 2,) 2017: Pakistan’s premier entertainment network, HUM Network Limited in collaboration with QMobile, Pakistan’s leading Smartphone Company, rolled out the red carpet of the country’s biggest and most awaited bridal fashion extravaganza, QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017 Styled by Sweet Touch. It showcased the latest and the best of Pakistani bridal trends by leading and burgeoning fashion designers on the catwalk and was choreographed by former supermodel Vaneeza Ahmed.

The three day Bridal Extravaganza was attended by the whoose of the fashion and showbiz industry, bloggers and top notch Socialiites that added to the glitz and glamour of the event. The event was held at Pearl Continental Karachi and PR was done by Hum Network.

The three day Fashion show showcased various designers who presented their collection in a unique way and charmed the audience with it.

Day 1:

Day one of the bridal extravaganza kicked of with Amir Adnan’s amazing An Ode to Heritage, followed by Yasmin Zaman’s Jashan-e-Bahar, a celebration of spring. Rizwan Ahmed was the third to present his collection Sonehri on the runway which was followed by Impulse by Aisha Farid. Show 1 was concluded by Naushad Imdad’s Eminence III, a prequel of his previous collection showcased last year.

Day 1 Show 2 of QHBCW started with Zauq presented by Arsalan Iqbal, which was followed by QMobile Star – Gogi by Hassan Riaz. Day 1 of the three-day bridal extravaganza concluded on a high note with 1909 by the couture king, Hassan Shehryar Yasin.


QHBCW, famous for adding allure to the runway with an illustrious list of showstoppers, had an amazing line-up and power-packed performances on the first day; Raga Boys opened the show for Amir Adnan with a special performance while the stunning Anoushey Ashraf show-stopped for Yasmin Zaman. Actress Sara Khan and Agha Ali walked the ramp for Rizwan Ahmed’s collection while the gorgeous Aizah Khan, Danish Tehmoor, Zahid Ahmed, Noor Khan, Sami Khan, Sana Fakhir & QYT added grandeur to Aisha Farid’s Impulse. Naushad Imdad brought Yasir Shah and Raeed Khan to show-stop for the brand while Ali Kazmi walked the ramp for Arsalan Iqbal with a live qawwali performance by Hamza Akram & Team. Tehmina Khalid, Khalid Anam and Noor Bukhari walked the ramp for Gogi by Hassan Riaz while the charming Bilal Ashraf show-stopped for the incredible HSY.


Day 2:

After the exhilarating and flawless execution of Day 1 of QHBCW styled by Sweet Touch, Day 2 of the bridal extravaganza started with shimmering celebrities and socialites on the beautifully decorated red carpet, with lounges by different sponsors. Second day of the three-day extravaganza showcased the latest bridal trends by leading and burgeoning fashion designers and as always, QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week styled by Sweet Touch left its audience stunned with its majestic stage, uniquely set for a one of kind fashion show.

Show one of QHBCW day 2 started with Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram’s Bridal/Formal Couture ’17, followed by Ayesha & Usman Qamar’s Enchanted Garden, a collection that focused on flowery colours and a romantic mood. Faika Karim was the third to present her collection Noorie on the runway which was followed by Umsha by Uzma Babar’s Forever, a collection with an immaculate taste for modern artistry amalgamated into traditional intricacy to conclude show 1. Fahad Hussayn brought the much needed bridal drama to the ramp with his collection titled, Dara Shikoh Aur Sunehri Churail which was followed by QMobile Star Ahmed Sultan’s Kingdom of Alliums. Day 2 of three-day bridal extravaganza concluded with a special segment titled The Classic Red featuring all the critically acclaimed and established designers to showcase one exquisite outfit displaying in the colour, with a focus on depicting tradition, culture, love and vibrancy. Designers who showcased in this segment included Adnan Pardesy, Ali Xeeshan, Faraz Manan, Farah Talib Aziz, Karma, Maheen Taseer, Mehdi, Misha Lakhani, Sania Maskatiya, Shamaeel Ansari, Tena Durrani, Elan, Zaheer Abbas and Zara Shahjahan.

Ahmed Sultan

QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week styled by Sweet Touch known for its stars hosted an amazing line up of showstoppers; the stunning Gia Ali and the beautiful Sanam Chaudhry walked the ramp for Mansoor Akram while Ghana Ali and the gorgeous Aizah Khan show-stopped for Faika Karim. Aima Baig performed for Umsha by Uzma Babar while Zhalay Sarhadi, Syra Sheroz, Mansha Pasha, Faris, Kent, and Osama show-stopped for the brand. Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman added grandeur to Fahad Hussayn’s collection while the emerging singing sensation Asim Azher dazzled the audiences with his melodious voice in QMobile presents Classic Red segment.

Annus Abrar

Day 3:

QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017 styled by Sweet Touch, by HUM Network Limited in collaboration with QMobile, Pakistan’s leading Smartphone Company, concluded on a high note on Sunday, 2nd April, 2017 in Karachi. The final day of QHBCW 2017 attracted a huge number of celebrities, socialites and fashionistas. The audiences were treated to the beautiful aroma of fresh flowers and fun activities in the foyer area, where they captured the fun moments in the beautifully designed lounges. These were further treated by the change in décor of the ramp area.

The concluding day of QHBCW started with the designer duo Asifa & Nabeel’s A Roaring Melodrama. The collection brought dynamic pieces of oceanic waves fused with the fragile carnations on the ramp, followed by Annus Abrar’s Shehnaai. Emraan Rajput was the third to present his collection Chashme Shahi on the runway which was followed by Sana Abbas’ Noor to conclude show 1 of the final day. Show 2 of QHBCW started with the Nouvelle Mariée Vol II by the designer duo Nickie Nina, which was followed by Ahsan Menswear’s Samjhota. The 14th edition of QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week styled by Sweet Touch was concluded by none other than the amazing Sonya Batla.

The concluding day of QHBCW had an amazing line-up and power-packed performances; the show started with a special QMobile light performance. Kubra Khan of Sang-e-Marmar fame and Shahzad Sheikh graced the ramp for Asifa & Nabeel whereas the beautiful Neelum Muneer show-stopped for Annus Abrar and Sonia Hussain show-stopped for Sana Abbas. Junaid Khan walked for Emraan Rajput and the beautiful Sumbul Iqbal show-stopped for Nickie Nina. The designer duo also paid tribute to the late Junaid Jamshed. Another scintillating QMobile light performance set the mood for the finale where the charismatic Humaima Malik walked the runway for Sonya Battla and Fuzon performed live to conclude the bridal extravaganza. Sonya Battla’s collection was dedicated to Dar ul Sukoon, a home for physically and mentally challenged children and adults and Sister Ruth thanked the designers and encouraged the audiences to come forward and support the good cause of providing food and shelter to the helpless.

arsalan iqbal

Jewellery partner for the 14th edition of QHBCW styled by Sweet Touch is Shafaq Habib and hair and makeup is by Nabila [N-Pro and N-Gents] with backstage management by Muneera & Aamir of Production 021. All public relations operations and media liaison is carried out by the in-house PR team of HUM Network Limited along with show production and execution by the special projects and events team at HUM Network Limited.

Sultana Siddiqui – President HUM Network Limited

I take pride in the fact that wonderful things are happening in Pakistan and what I had always visioned is being fulfilled today. One such field that is gaining impetus in our society is the fashion industry, and that is why I encourage fashion and its intricate thread work and designing through our fashion shows to open a window to the world. We have also given a platform to new designers to present their clothes, an opportunity that was otherwise not available to them. As the shows are seen globally their work, along with the established designers, gets known abroad. The aim of introducing new things at HUM Network carries foremost the purpose to give a positive image. With time our purpose is being fortified as the world is acknowledging the upcoming designers who are making a mark in the fashion world. This platform is getting respect internationally day by day.

At Hum TV we have always kept in mind that our country should be known for presenting art in a positive way. Our dramas are shown on Netflix and we are now making films which will also help in boosting the clothing industry and jewellery worn by the artists, abroad, thus uplifting the soft image of the country from our platform.

All in all QMobile Bridal Couture Week 2017 Styled by Sweet Touch was a grand endeavour and like always was able to set a trend when it comes to promoting Local Fashion.

Sana Abbas

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Saya E Khudda E Zuljalal

Since the revival of Pakistani Cinema, many movies have been made on various topics and genre. Be it comedy, action, Rom Com or drama, you get to see all. However when it comes to making a movie on the lines of patriotism and promoting a feeling of nationalism, you dont see many. The recently released Pakistani film Saya E Khudda E Zuljalal is one such movie based on the idea of nationalism and promoting Patriotism.

Starring Moammar Rana, Javed Shaikh, Rachell Gill, Noor Bukhari, Firdous Jamal Nimra Khan and others Written and Produced by Dr Tauseeef, and Directed by Umair Fazli  Saya E Khudda E Zuljalal is the story of our motherland Pakistan, what it means to its people and especially those who have sacrifised their lives to protect our Nation, our beloved Pakistan.


The movie basically revolves around our National unsung heroes who sacrificed their lives to make and protect Pakistan. It tells us the story of Squadron Leader MM Alam from 1965 war, and other heroes who played their part in protecting the country such as Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Major Shafqat Baloch and others. The movie takes you back during the war period of 1965 and is a narrative of Hamza played by the legendary Javed Shaikh and his account of that era.It even highlights some instances of pre partition era where Quaid e Azam is seen talking to Gandhi on the killings of hindus and muslims during that time. As the story progresses it shows how Hamza’s son Haider grows up to be a typical police officer always on the lookout for bribe and filling pockets but when the circumstances change and he is given a mission to counter terrorism how Haider’s life completely changes.

The movie in my opinion is a great effort in highlighting the sacrifices that our armed forces personnel make and in creating a feeling of patriotism. However as far  as direction is concerned it is a beautifully directed movie but with some flaws such as acting being below average at some points. But all in all the strong narrative and some quality war shots covers the flaws and makes it a worth watch for all.



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Ace writer, director, producer Shoaib Mansoor’s next flick to hit theatres on Eid-ul-Fitr 2017

Karachi October 10, 2016: The man credited for the revival of Pakistani cinema is all set for a comeback, with yet another potential blockbuster “VERNA” written and directed by the showman Shoaib Mansoor himself under his banner SHOMAN Productions. The movie will be released worldwide on Eid-ul-Fitr 2017 by the leading film distributor of Pakistan, HUM Films.

The veteran writer, producer,  director and the recipient of “Pride of Performance” has previously given us blockbusters like Khuda Ke Liye and Bol, both critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies that not only brought back the long lost culture of film viewing in Pakistan but put the Pakistani film industry on the global entertainment radar. His latest flick will feature Mahira Khan in the lead role.

On the occasion Shoaib Mansoor said, “This film has been Written and Directed by a man of Pakistan for the men of the world to listen to women. It is to encourage women to speak up … Khuda ke liye bol verna…..”

Sultana Siddiqui, President HUM Network stated, “We at HUM are very happy to have signed up as distributors for Shoaib Mansoor’s film ‘Verna’. He is a brilliant director and his views on subjects that are close to our hearts as well, are similar. Shoaib’s films are commercial but at the same time focus on topics that carry a strong message. We are hopeful that this film will be even more successful than his previous ones.

With immaculate and picture-perfect direction and attention to details by the maestro, “VERNA” is sure to exceed audiences’ expectation and to further raise the bar of filmmaking in Pakistan.


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Pakistan’s Great Online Shopping Festival 2016 is about to Commence

Karachi, September 26, 2016: In keeping up with the excitement of online shopping in the country, the Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) – Pakistan’s biggest online shopping festival will be held from September 28–30, 2016 at The festival, supported by Google, JazzCash,, and powered by Jang Media Group, will see more than 50 e-commerce partners participating.

Users can shop for jewellery, shoes, apparels, books, kids wear, gadgets, watches, computer accessories, health & fitness equipment, home decor products and a host of other things and can expect generous discounts up to 70% from the participating e-tailers. The shopping festival not only caters to users in Pakistan but also allows Pakistani expats living all over the world to send gifts to their loved ones residing all across country.

Khurram Jamali, Industry Head, Google Asia Pacific said: “The ecommerce industry in Pakistan is doubling in size every year. With GOSF, we aim to tap into this robust growth by bringing sensational and affordable deals thanks to our partners. I encourage everyone to check out this year’s GOSF as it promises 72 hours of phenomenal shopping deals for everyone and their loved ones.”

 Highlighting the importance of such online shopping festivals, Faizan Siddiqi, Managing Director, IMM-Jang Media Group stated: “The Jang Media Group is proud to be associated with GOSF – slated to be the biggest online shopping festival of Pakistan. Our collaboration with Google is in line with our commitment to promote e-commerce and e-tailing all across Pakistan. With our technological prowess, we have built the framework for GOSF and are looking forward to an outstanding response from people.”

JazzCash is the official payment partner for GOSF – a festival to promote e-commerce in Pakistan by offering merchants with an opportunity to showcase their product on a single platform. It offers the most secure and reliable payment method for customers during the shopping festival. During GOSF, customers who pay through JazzCash will get additional discounts of up to 80%. They can pay through three options i.e. JazzCash Mobile Account, Vouchers and Credit/Debit cards. Additionally, voucher payment can be done at the nearest JazzCash retailer from amongst more than 65,000 retailers nationwide.

Talking about the partnership between JazzCash and GOSF, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Director – Mobile Financial Service, Mobilink said: “We envision a remarkable growth in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry as more and more people are turning towards online shopping. JazzCash offers innovative e-payment methods that are not only secure but also allow a great deal of convenience for people looking to shop online. Our partnership with GOSF is a testimony to a rapid expansion of the online shopping industry and we remain committed to bring utmost convenience and reliability for people making online transactions all over the country.”

Google has previously helped to organise online shopping festivals in other countries such as Singapore and Sri Lanka. In Pakistan, GOSF is looking to drive the trend of online shopping toward the mainstream thanks to the rapid growth of Pakistan’s mobile Internet market.

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HUM Masala Celebrates ten years of love and laughter

Karachi, September 23, 2016: South Asia’s first and Pakistan’s only 24-hour food channel HUM Masala celebrated its 10th anniversary on 22nd September, 2016 in Karachi. The occasion was celebrated with oomph with a live transmission from 9 am to 7 pm, and was graced by prominent personalities and crème de la crème of Pakistan’s entertainment industry including Ahsan Khan, Javed Sheikh, Sarwat Gillani, Shahzad Roy, Wardha Saleem, Nilofer Shahid, Adnan Siddiqui, Amir and Huma Adnan, Anwar Maqsood, Nadia Hussain, Naveen Waqar, Vaneeza Ahmed, Saud, Rambo, Sunita Marshall, Hasan Ahmed and many others. HUM Masala’s widespread following once again became obvious, with live callers becoming taking immense interest in the show and congratulating HUM Masala on its 10th successful years on air.

Celebrated ex-Pakistan cricketer and sultan of swing Wasim Akram along with his beautiful wife Shaniera Akram, also joined in to be a part of the grand 10th anniversary celebrations. Shaniera Akram took part in a cooking competition with CEO HUM Network, Duraid Qureshi. Apart from Shaniera Akram, Javed Sheikh, Amir and Huma Adnan, Rambo and Saud also took the cooking challenge. The event culminated with President HUM Network Sultana Siddiqui cutting the 250 lbs cake prepared by Imran Wasti, with the HUM Masala crew.


This anniversary marks yet another milestone achieved by the HUM Masala team, in the face of other cooking channels that had opened up after HUM Masala, and who later on shut down their transmissions. The credit goes to HUM Network, under the management of which the channel has maintained its quality of cooking shows aired since its inception 10 years ago. As the pioneer 24-hour cooking channel in Pakistan, Masala has set high standards for its current and future competitors.

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Janaan: The Most Beautiful Film of 2016

ARY Films in association with IRK Films and  MUNIR HUSSAIN FILMS is all set to release Janaan nationwide this eid. In addition to Pakistan Jannan has released wordwide in 17 countries including UK, USA, UAE, Australia and Qatar.

The much awaited movie releases on Ed ul Azha, and prior to its release a grand star studded premiere was held in Lahore on 9th September 2016, at Cinestar Imax Cinema. Janaan, a romantic comedy flick, stars Armeena Rana Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, Bilal Ashraf, Hania Aamir and Usman Mukhtar, directed by Azfar Jafri and produced by Dobara Phir Se Lead Hareem Farooq and Reham Khan.


Talking about the film the movie can be undoubtedly categorized as the most beautiful production of Pakistani Cinema to come out in years. The scenic locations and amazing cinematography is a treat to watch.

Janaan basically revolves around the culture of Pakistan especially SWAT and it aptly addresses the issues faced by the people of those areas such as child abuse, child labour and illeteracy. In addition to these social issues the family bonds, relationships and emotions attached to these relations have been intensely displayed which keeps you hooked throughout the movie.

The story revolves around three people Meena (Armeena Khan), Asfandyar (Bilal Ashraf) and Daniyal (Ali Rehman Khan). The movie begins when Meena returns to Pakistan after 15 years from Canada to attend her cousin Palwasha’s (Hanea Aamir) wedding.There she meets Asfandyar her cosuin and how her image of Asfandyar changes after meeting him. Asfandyar a philanthropist runs a small school for children of SWAT which provides them free education and is shown to be a very reserve sort of guy with an introvert personlity. On the otherhand Daniyal is a happy go lucky guy who is extremely social and a big flirt and throughout tries to impress Meena. His character and humourous diialogues is what makes this film even more entertaining to watch. As the story progresses the relationships between these three gets deeper where Daniyal falls for Meena but Meena on the otherhand is madly in Love with Asfandyar and how Asfandyar because of his background and personlity never admits his love for Meena.


As far as the acting is concerned every member of the cast has given a superb performance but there is no doubt in saying that Ali Rehman Khan completely stole the show with his outclass performance. Armeena is much better than her first film Bin Roye and completely justifies her role. Bilal Ashraf undoubtedly will be the next heart throb of Pakistani Cinema with his charming Personality and looks however his acting skills needs to be polished a bit.

All in all Janaan is a complete family entertainment movie and a  complete package full of emotions, romance, humour and family relationships. So if you are looking for a great family outing this eid Janaan is what you should plan to go and watch.