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Fiesta Cubana 17: Bringing Cuban Culture to Life

When it comes to celebrating cultures and traditions, Hahoo Group has always been on the forefront, To celebrate the rich diversity of the Cuban culture, the Hashoo Group – Hospitality Division in collaboration with Pearl Continental Lahore hosted a Cuban Food Festival in collaboration with the Embassy of Cuba. The 3 day festival was held in  Marco Polo on 24th& 25th October 2017 and a grand Launch event on 23rd October.


Sponsored by the Turkish Airlines, the first-of-its kind festival kicked off with a bang with a grand launch on Monday, October 23rd at the Pearl Continental Lahore, attracting food enthusiasts from the city. The  event was attended by foodies, corporates, socialiites and whoose who of Lahore.

Reflective of the vibrant Cuban culture, the food festival offered a slice of Cuban cuisine that combined traditional flavours with a unique flair.

Guest Chef Gioelkis Sosa Hernandez from Cuba and the Executive Chef of PCHL Chef Jayaweera, along with their teams,offered mouth watering delights from the exquisite cuisine and extended warm hospitality from Havana to Marco Polo leading restaurant of the hotel. The mouth-watering delicacies that were served at the festival included chicken fricassee, breaded shrimp, crevettes, enchilada lobster, steak in casserole to name a few. To make the menu exciting and give unique flavours, only the finest and freshest ingredients were used to create an exotic menu that combined healthy eating with tasty flavours, bringing native ingredients to serve the most authentic dishes to alllovers of the unique Cuban cuisine.

In addition to this a Cuban performance troupe enthraled guests with the rhythms of Havana and cultural dance performances that made the crowd enchant and rock the dance floor.

A visit to such a festival is incomplete without garnering knowledge about the world-famous Cuban cigars. For this reason, guests had an opportunity to learn about the Cuban cigar at a special cigar-rolling ceremony.


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Grow Healthy Pakistan A Great Innitiative

On October 12th, 2017 Tetra Pak in collaboration with the Pakistan Dairy Association and the Grow Healthy Pakistan initiative hosted a blogger’s meet up in Lahore.

The objective of the event was to work towards removing misperceptions wrongly associated with the milk in Tetra Pak packaging, by educating the public about UHT milk processing and packaging technology is designed to keep milk safe without the need for any preservatives to be added.

All members of the Pakistan Dairy Association, take great care to ensure the quality standards of their milk. They have modern labs with broad testing capabilities and experts to continuously check milk quality from the point of collection to the point of sale. Packaged milk is fully traceable and it’s quality can be verified at any time by regulatory authorities as is now being done by the PFA on a regular basis.


In comparison, loose milk undergoes none or very few testing procedures and in most cases the milk cannot be traced to the producer. Many people are also not aware that the common practice of boiling loose milk over several minutes at home to kill the bacteria, most nutrients are destroyed which compromises the health benefits of milk. Since long life milk has already gone through a controlled boiling process, there is no need to do this, so this milk is very safe and most healthy.


For the last 50 years, Long Life Milk (UHT) has become a regular staple in families’ homes across the world and can be termed as the most innovative technology used in liquid food process. Today the majority of milk consumed in countries such France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Brazil and China among others is Long Life (UHT) milk.

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Taipan: Reinventing Chinese Cuisine with Style

When it comes to Food Lahore will always have something new to offer to its residents. Be it desi, continental or panasian you will find it all. However not all restaurants or cafes that you find will offer quality food and economical prices.Finding the one that suits your taste buds and your pocket is hard to find.

Talking about restaurants when it comes to chinese and Panasian food there are hundreds of options available but hardly a few are worth going for. One such new addition to Lahore’s Pan Asian directory is the newly relaunched Taipan in Pearl Continental Lahore.

We all are familiar with the name TaiPan but not everyone is aware of its new look and taste. The newly revamped Taipan is in my opinion a treat in itself. Situated on the left side of the main lobby area of PC Hotel Lahore, one can easily spot the grand look of the restaurant that will make you go try the place for sure. Upon entering one gets mesmerized into the exotic chinese ambiance that will make you admire the place. The walls on each side have been beautifully decorated with chinese silk cloth border and pictures from old chinese dynasty to give you real feel of the place. On the right hand side of the buffet counter is the beautiful waterfall that adds to the beauty of the restaurant altogether.

Taipan 5

Coming towards the food, Taipan surely has raised its food quality and no doubt being a chinese food lover myself i am bound to visit this place again because of its amazing food quality.

For starters we were served with their signature Tempura Prawns and i must admit i havent had such amazing tempura prawns in ages and taste such that will make u desire more. so if you are visiting Taipan this is one dish you surely should’nt miss out on.

Next up we were served with some awesome soups namely Hot and sour and Thai Special Soup. The Thai Special is a clear soup and a bit spicy, while hot and sour soup was sour and spicy and just perfect according to my taste buds.Therefore if you are a Spicy soup lover then hot and sour soup is what you should go for.

Coming towards the main course. We were served with Thai special rice, beef chilli dry and schuzhuan chicken. The Beef chili dry was a bit salty to my liking but perfectly cooked and well done. The schuzhuan chicken was the winner in my opinion as it had the perfect aroma to tentalize your taste budds and cooked perfectly well to our liking. The Thai special rice in my opinion was not as good and was a mixture of chinese rice and desi rice, but as I am more of a egg fried rice person therefore it might appeal to people who love masala rice or desi rice.

After the main course comes my favourite part of the meal when we were served with some yummy and delicious desserts. The Chocolate moose and new york cheesecake especially was outstanding just how it should be made and taste such that makes you crave for more. So if you are a dessert person then do not forget to try out their amazing Newyork Cheesecake.

Taipan 4

All in all Taipan was a good experience and if you are a die hard chinese food lover then in my opinion you wont find any bettter authentic chinese cuisine than this one. It surely is a must go place for dine outs.

Taipan 6

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HUM Masala Celebrates ten years of love and laughter

Karachi, September 23, 2016: South Asia’s first and Pakistan’s only 24-hour food channel HUM Masala celebrated its 10th anniversary on 22nd September, 2016 in Karachi. The occasion was celebrated with oomph with a live transmission from 9 am to 7 pm, and was graced by prominent personalities and crème de la crème of Pakistan’s entertainment industry including Ahsan Khan, Javed Sheikh, Sarwat Gillani, Shahzad Roy, Wardha Saleem, Nilofer Shahid, Adnan Siddiqui, Amir and Huma Adnan, Anwar Maqsood, Nadia Hussain, Naveen Waqar, Vaneeza Ahmed, Saud, Rambo, Sunita Marshall, Hasan Ahmed and many others. HUM Masala’s widespread following once again became obvious, with live callers becoming taking immense interest in the show and congratulating HUM Masala on its 10th successful years on air.

Celebrated ex-Pakistan cricketer and sultan of swing Wasim Akram along with his beautiful wife Shaniera Akram, also joined in to be a part of the grand 10th anniversary celebrations. Shaniera Akram took part in a cooking competition with CEO HUM Network, Duraid Qureshi. Apart from Shaniera Akram, Javed Sheikh, Amir and Huma Adnan, Rambo and Saud also took the cooking challenge. The event culminated with President HUM Network Sultana Siddiqui cutting the 250 lbs cake prepared by Imran Wasti, with the HUM Masala crew.


This anniversary marks yet another milestone achieved by the HUM Masala team, in the face of other cooking channels that had opened up after HUM Masala, and who later on shut down their transmissions. The credit goes to HUM Network, under the management of which the channel has maintained its quality of cooking shows aired since its inception 10 years ago. As the pioneer 24-hour cooking channel in Pakistan, Masala has set high standards for its current and future competitors.

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Pizza Hut brings the Big Dipper in Pakistan

[Lahore – 23rd August, 2016]: Pizza Hut, one of the largest international food chains in the country and a pioneer within the pizza industry, hosted a big party and launched The Big Dipper in Lahore, Pakistan.

The newly launched Big Dipper includes twenty four delicious slices with four dips that will make the pizza even more enjoyable and delicious. One can have all four dips in one pizza which are Fiery Peri, Garlic and Mint, Creamy Ranch and Chipotle BBQ.

The 24 slices scrumtious Pizza is available in all flavours and is a treat for the whole family to enjoy. The 4 mouth watering Dips adds to the extra taste and makes it all the more delicious and tasty. My personal favourite being the Garlic and Mint sauce.

The event was held at Pizza Hut MM Alam and was attended by all people from the media fraternity, bloggers and socialiites who enjoyed every moment of the pizza feast. Amongst the few who attended were Momin Ali Munshi, Rubia Mughees, Vanessa Alam Nayyab NQ and others.

pizza 1

Pizza Hut aims at making Pizza Hut the fastest growing and most loved food chain in Pakistan. The brand is known for leading the market in food innovation, using the finest quality of ingredients. The launch of the new Big Dipper is one such initiative that the consumers will surely love.” said Marya Khan Chief Marketing and Innovator Officer (CMIO) MCR PVT LTD.

The newly launched Big Dipper is available at all Pizza Hut outlets across Pakistan for dine in, take away and home delivery.

The all New BIG DIPPER is now in Pakistan with 24 scrumptious slices and 4 mouth-watering dips! So gather up, come over or order from home, this heavenly pizza is a great experience which you surely dont want to miss.

About Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut, being the first International franchise to enter the Pakistani market has set new standards of dine-in restaurants and quick delivery of oven hot pizzas and has since then enjoyed tremendous brand loyalty from its customers.

For more information visit:





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Bombay Gardens Opens its Gate in Lahore

There is no doubt in the fact that whenever you talk about food Lahore is the only city that comes to your mind. Precisely Lahore can be called the city of foodies. Every now and then we see new restaurants and cafes opening up in the city and with the addition of each new eatery the Lahoris get to see even more diversity and variety when it comes to food. One such recent addition in Lahore is that of Bombay Gardens.


A sub franchise of the internationally renowned and popular chain of restaurants Bombay Chowpatty, Bombay Gardens opened its door for the public last week. A Grand launch was held prior to the regular opening by FM 91 and the event was hosted by the famous and gorgeous RJ  Sophiya Anjumn.

me 2

The event was an exclusive invite only event where people from the media fraternity, bloggers, socialiites and celebrities graced the occasion by their presence. Amongst the few present were Rubia Mughees, Nayaab NQ, Ali Chaudry, RJ Sumayrah, RJ Iman Azmat, RJ Sasha, and Ali Safina.

Coming to the food, there is no doubt in saying that the food was beyond expectation and the menu Bombay Gardens has to offer is totally worth the money spent. From Desi to english to chineese Bombay Garden Hi Tea had a huge variety to offer in their buffet. Amongst the few my personal favorite from the menu being  Pasta in White Mushroom sauce, fried fish, Puri Halwa and Lemon Tarts.

All in all it was a great experience and a lovely evening. So if you are looking for a cost effective and quality buffet Hi Tea, then Bombay Gardens is surely the place to be.

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4 Air Fryer Microwave Oven Iftaar Recipes

Ramzan is a month of blessings and these blessings extend to our tables being laden with yummy food. Being a foodie, imagine my delight when every day at ‘Iftaar’ I have a variety of delicacies to choose from. Iftaar time has truly been my favorite time of the day for as long as I can remember, aromatic smells from our kitchen and the neighbors’ make the build-up for iftaar even more exciting.

However, now that Ramzan is halfway over and focus is shifting towards Eid, everyone is going easy on the food to fit in their glorious Eid outfits. Holding on to that idea recently I experimented with my air fryer microwave oven and made some delicious snacks with very little oil. Read through and try these recipes for a healthier Ramzan, and a more gorgeous you this Eid.

Chicken Wings:

These wings are my go to food every evening to satisfy the immense craving I get for chicken at iftaar time. Toss them in some homemade or store bought sweet chili sauce and your taste buds will thank you till Suhoor.


  • Chicken wings (frozen) 10pcs
  • Oil      2 tsp


  • Brush the fryer bowl with 1 tsp of oil and place the wings in the fryer bowl without overlapping them
  • Put the fryer bowl on the metal tray
  • Select the menu by pressing the ‘Home Fryer’ button until FR-8 is displayed
  • Turn the knob towards right to select the time i.e. 15 mins
  • Press the Start ‘+30sec’ button to start frying
  • After 8 mins, press the ‘Stop’ button and take out the fryer bowl; brush the remaining oil on the fryer bowl and flip the wings
  • Press the Start ‘+30sec’ button to continue cooking
  • At the sound of the beep, take out the wings
  • Chicken Wings are ready to be served

Spring Rolls:

Give a spin to the traditional spring rolls by using just 2 tea spoons of oil and enjoy these crispy crunchy staple iftaar goodies guilt-free.


  • Mini Spring Rolls 12-15 pcs
  • Oil    2 tsp


  • Brush the fryer bowl with 1 tsp of oil and place the spring rolls in the fryer bowl without overlapping them
  • Put the fryer bowl on the metal tray
  • Select the menu by pressing the ‘Home Fryer’ Button until FR-8 is displayed.
  • Tum the knob towards right to select the time i.e. 15 mins
  • Press the Start ‘+30sec’ button to start frying
  • After 8 mins press the stop button and take out the fryer bowl; brush the remaining oil on the fryer bowl and flip the spring rolls
  • Press the Start ‘+30sec’ button to continue cooking
  • At the sound of the beep, take out the spring rolls
  • Spring Rolls are ready to serve

Chicken Tender Pops:

Tender pops are the best munchies if you’re a chicken fan like me. The oil content in these however is a major turn off. If you don’t want your tender pops dripping of oil and still taste delicious, this is the easiest way to ascertain just that.


  • Chicken Tender Pops (Frozen) 200gms
  • Oil 1 tsp


  • Brush the fryer bowl with 1 tsp of oil and place the chicken tender pops in the fryer bowl without overlapping them
  • Put the fryer bowl on the metal tray
  • Select the menu by pressing the ‘Home Fryer’ button until FR-8 is displayed
  • Turn the knob towards right to select the time i.e. 17 mins
  • Press the Start +30sec button to start frying
  • At the sound of the beep, take out the chicken tender pops
  • For better taste, add sweet garlic sauce on the side
  • Chicken Tender Pops are ready to be served

Cadbury Cake:

Being healthy is all fun and games until you experience a sudden craving for chocolate cake at noon. The Cadbury cake is a classic example of chocolate decadence at its best, this guilty pleasure can be indulged on your cheat day.


  • Dark chocolate cake mix 1 packet
  • Oil   ½ cup
  • Water  ½ cup
  • Eggs 3
  • Cream 200 grams
  • Milk chocolate 200 grams
  • Liquid glucose         1 tbsp.
  • Condensed milk 2 tbsps.
  • Evaporated milk 2 tbsps.
  • Nutella  5 tbsps.


  • In a large bowl add cake mix oil, eggs, water and mix well
  • Grease two 9” microwave-safe flat bottomed pans
  • Divide the mixture in both the pans equally
  • Press the ‘Convection’ button once and you will see ‘180 C’ on display
  • Tum the knob towards right and pre-heat for 10 mins by pressing the ‘Start +30sec’ button
  • After pre-heating, insert the first pan in the microwave and press the ‘Convection’ button to select the temperature to 180°C
  • Tum the knob towards right to set the time to 45 mins
  • Press the ‘Start +30sec’ button to start baking
  • Alter 22 mins, press the ‘Stop’ button, take out the pan and let it cool
  • Now place the 2nd pan in the microwave and press the Start button to continue baking
  • At the sound of the beep, take out the cake from the second pan and allow both the cakes to cool for 2 hours
  • In another bowl mix Nutella, condensed milk and evaporated milk together
  • Spread the Nutella mixture between the cake slices
  • In another microwave-safe bowl add cream, milk chocolate, liquid glucose and cook for 1 minute on microwave mode
  • After the beep, take out the milk chocolate mixture, spread the paste evenly on top of the cake and garnish it with Cadbury flakes
  • Refrigerate the cake for 2-3 hours

Cadbury Cake is ready to be served!