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Grow Healthy Pakistan A Great Innitiative

On October 12th, 2017 Tetra Pak in collaboration with the Pakistan Dairy Association and the Grow Healthy Pakistan initiative hosted a blogger’s meet up in Lahore.

The objective of the event was to work towards removing misperceptions wrongly associated with the milk in Tetra Pak packaging, by educating the public about UHT milk processing and packaging technology is designed to keep milk safe without the need for any preservatives to be added.

All members of the Pakistan Dairy Association, take great care to ensure the quality standards of their milk. They have modern labs with broad testing capabilities and experts to continuously check milk quality from the point of collection to the point of sale. Packaged milk is fully traceable and it’s quality can be verified at any time by regulatory authorities as is now being done by the PFA on a regular basis.


In comparison, loose milk undergoes none or very few testing procedures and in most cases the milk cannot be traced to the producer. Many people are also not aware that the common practice of boiling loose milk over several minutes at home to kill the bacteria, most nutrients are destroyed which compromises the health benefits of milk. Since long life milk has already gone through a controlled boiling process, there is no need to do this, so this milk is very safe and most healthy.


For the last 50 years, Long Life Milk (UHT) has become a regular staple in families’ homes across the world and can be termed as the most innovative technology used in liquid food process. Today the majority of milk consumed in countries such France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Brazil and China among others is Long Life (UHT) milk.

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SunsilkConditioners Smooth Hairs Meet n Greet.

KARACHI: Sunsilk, the global hair care brand recently introduced a range of glossy conditioners to nourish all hair types and to give the consumer a best in class hair wash experience. Conditioners are known to nourish and protect, style and smoothen frizzy, unruly hair and the Sunsilk Conditioner range focuses on highlighting the many benefits of silky smooth hair.

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The main purpose of this is the need to condition unruly hair and therefore conditioners need to be used in conjunction with shampoo.Therefore Sunsilk recent campaign #shampooaloneisnotenough was launched with a fun event held at the recently opened, luxury boutique salon, Bellagio by Sadaf on Saturday, September 9th. Prominent media members including stylists, fashion bloggers and other key influencers attended this event.

The charismatic, Anoushey Ashraf hosted the event, keeping the audience’s energy alive throughout. The event started off with an informative session on the functionality of Sunsilk Conditioners conducted by Muhammad Zaheer, the R&D Expert at Unilever who explained the technology of conditioners and how they work on hair to nourish and moisturize them which makes them smoother and healthier.

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This was followed by a live demonstration by Sadaf, the talented owner of the Bellagio Salon, who skillfully worked on various models’ hair using the Sunsilk Conditioners to create magnificent before and after looks. An interactive hair talk then took place by a panel of highly experienced hair stylists.Amongst the panel were;PalwashaYosuf, a freelance stylist who has also styled celebrities for films and commercials, Tehmina Ali, hairstylist and colour technician with over eight years of experience in the hair styling industry, Shazdeh Ali, trained from Toni & Guy London who has worked closely with the Fashion guru Tariq Amin for the last nine years, Nida Khan who has worked with Tariq Amin for 9 years and Sanaa Awan from the Hina Y Salon. These renowned professionals offered hair styling tips and techniques that kept the audience informed and engaged.

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While everybody was educated about the do’s and don’ts, a series of hair solutions were offered to the audience. The final engaging activity was called Smoothest Hairstyle where the audience styled salon girls who usually style them. This was an interesting experience for the participants since it gave them a chance to express themselves working with some of the best hair experts of the city.

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According to the celebrity host Anoushay Ashraf “The event was fun, exciting and informative at the same time. Not only did she enjoy hosting it but was also thoroughly enlightened about the critical use of Conditioners,”

The soiree was an enjoyable evening and was a success according to Rabia, Assistant Brand Manager of Sunsilk who said, “Through this event we tried to create awareness about hair care by informing consumers about how necessary it is to use a good conditioner. Hair is personal and important to everyone and I’m glad everyone had a wonderful time and left armed with increased hair care knowledge.”

All in all such engaging activities in my opinion should be held often as not only it creates real brand engagement but also generates real user experience which is beneficial for the brands, and thus kudos to Sunsilk for such a thaoughtful and engaging activity.

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Taipan: Reinventing Chinese Cuisine with Style

When it comes to Food Lahore will always have something new to offer to its residents. Be it desi, continental or panasian you will find it all. However not all restaurants or cafes that you find will offer quality food and economical prices.Finding the one that suits your taste buds and your pocket is hard to find.

Talking about restaurants when it comes to chinese and Panasian food there are hundreds of options available but hardly a few are worth going for. One such new addition to Lahore’s Pan Asian directory is the newly relaunched Taipan in Pearl Continental Lahore.

We all are familiar with the name TaiPan but not everyone is aware of its new look and taste. The newly revamped Taipan is in my opinion a treat in itself. Situated on the left side of the main lobby area of PC Hotel Lahore, one can easily spot the grand look of the restaurant that will make you go try the place for sure. Upon entering one gets mesmerized into the exotic chinese ambiance that will make you admire the place. The walls on each side have been beautifully decorated with chinese silk cloth border and pictures from old chinese dynasty to give you real feel of the place. On the right hand side of the buffet counter is the beautiful waterfall that adds to the beauty of the restaurant altogether.

Taipan 5

Coming towards the food, Taipan surely has raised its food quality and no doubt being a chinese food lover myself i am bound to visit this place again because of its amazing food quality.

For starters we were served with their signature Tempura Prawns and i must admit i havent had such amazing tempura prawns in ages and taste such that will make u desire more. so if you are visiting Taipan this is one dish you surely should’nt miss out on.

Next up we were served with some awesome soups namely Hot and sour and Thai Special Soup. The Thai Special is a clear soup and a bit spicy, while hot and sour soup was sour and spicy and just perfect according to my taste buds.Therefore if you are a Spicy soup lover then hot and sour soup is what you should go for.

Coming towards the main course. We were served with Thai special rice, beef chilli dry and schuzhuan chicken. The Beef chili dry was a bit salty to my liking but perfectly cooked and well done. The schuzhuan chicken was the winner in my opinion as it had the perfect aroma to tentalize your taste budds and cooked perfectly well to our liking. The Thai special rice in my opinion was not as good and was a mixture of chinese rice and desi rice, but as I am more of a egg fried rice person therefore it might appeal to people who love masala rice or desi rice.

After the main course comes my favourite part of the meal when we were served with some yummy and delicious desserts. The Chocolate moose and new york cheesecake especially was outstanding just how it should be made and taste such that makes you crave for more. So if you are a dessert person then do not forget to try out their amazing Newyork Cheesecake.

Taipan 4

All in all Taipan was a good experience and if you are a die hard chinese food lover then in my opinion you wont find any bettter authentic chinese cuisine than this one. It surely is a must go place for dine outs.

Taipan 6

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Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan A Taught Provoking Idea !

EFU Life, the leading life insurance provider in Pakistan is committed to serving the people of Pakistan and believes in giving back to the society through its various CSR initiatives.

‘Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan’was one such innitiative by EFU Life in collaboration with Commissioner Karachi Division to reclaim the walls of major public areas of the city through thematic wall art and aims to eradicate wall chalking and negativity on walls. Instead promote the local culture and tradition and envoke a positive feeling.


EFU Life inaugurated ‘Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan’ in 2016 on Pakistan’s Independence Day, and after the successful completion of two wall beautification projects in Karachi, at Ayesha Manzil and NCC Sports Complex, the Company has now extended this campaign to a third location, the Aga Khan Park, Garden East.

The campaign rejoices the spirit of patriotism, and depicts the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. Celebrating the cultural diversity of its people and yet unified under the nation’s flag is the underlying theme of the campaign.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mr.Taher G Sachak, MD & CEO, EFU Life said ‘I take this opportunity to thank Mr.Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Commissioner Karachi and his team for their support, and commitment inpartnering with us to make this project a success. He emphasized that we as Pakistani’s need to take ownership and responsibility for our country. There is a lot that we need to be proud of, and it’s important to bring forward the positive mind-set about our rich cultural heritage especially in the youth today. What makes this campaign truly unique is not only the underlying message of patriotism, but the involvement of the youth, with active participation from the students of different universities to execute the project. He also added, that ‘the company is further exploring avenues of executing such projects in other parts of the country. ‘


Mr.Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Commissioner Karachi commended this collaborative effort and stated ‘such beautification projects are essential for enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the city.  Aga Khan Park is the third project that we have collaborated on with EFU Life and other corporate entities must come forward and take a disciplined approach to CSR initiatives. I urge all stakeholders to join hands with the administration to bring back colors to the city of light.’


EFU Life has partnered with ‘Abdoz Arts’ on this project, an organization which aims to reclaim the public spaces of Pakistan through fine arts.

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Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan Street Art Campaign !

Everyone wants to see a cleaner greener city. When you drive along roads you want to experience the natural beauty, explore its culture and serene beauty. However with the increase in Population there has been an immense increase in pollution especially in big metropolitan cities. Therefore we see these cities loose its real essence and natural beauty and it is thus our responibility as responsible citizens that we take this matter seriously and conserve our city’s natural beauty and make it a cleaner place to live. One such Metropolitan city that really needs our attention is Karachi.

Karachi the Hub of Pakistan and perhaps the biggest and most populated city in the country is now sadly also considered as one of the most polluted and dirtiest city and it is therefore a dire need that we its citizens act responsible and take up the challenge to beautify it and make it cleaner.

Keeping this challenge in mind EFU Life Insurance like every year is back again with its challenge to beautify the city with its campaign #MeriShaanMeraPakistan. The purpose is that we understand there is a dire need for a cleaner and better Karachi, and one of the ways to eradicate wall chalking and beautify it is through wall art, highlighting positive imagery of Pakistan by depiction of Pakistan’s rich culture, festivals, and national monuments. In 2016, under the guidance of Commissioner Karachi, Mr.Ejaz Ahmed Khan, and his esteemed team of Commissioner Karachi Division, EFU Life initiated ‘Meri Shaan, Mera Pakistan’, a project of beautifying Pakistan through thematic wall art.

The aim of this campaign is to reclaim different spaces that have depreciated over time.  The project has already covered walls at Ayesha Manzil and National Coaching Centre. After the successful completion of two projects in Karachi; a 2000 sq.ft wall at Ayesha Manzil and a 3000 sq.ft wall of NCC Sports Complex, EFU Life has now extended this project to a third location, the Aga Khan Park, Garden, opposite Ismaili JamaatKhana covering a space of over 7000 sq. ft.

Campaigns like these are a dire need for cities like Karachi and kudos to EFU Life for being the pioneers in thinking of such a campaign. Street Art holds immense importance and even in west many cities focus now on street art to promote their culture and attract tourists. Therefore lets hope through this campaign Karachi gets back its lost beauty and that it is also implemented in other cities especially Lahore and Islambaad.

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Saeed Anwar Banarsi: Setting New Trends in Men Fashion

Fashion as we all know it has always been associated with women wear. Latest trends tops, bags and accessories all are associated with women style and how well they carry it. However on special occasions such as Eid and Weddings Fashion holds a great importance for men who want to look trendy and stylish at the same time.

Every year during wedding season and Eid festivities we see latest trends and designs when it comes to Mens Kurtas. All being traditional classy and fashionable at the same time and its all about offeering unique designs and colour in being the best in the market. Saeed Anwar Banarsi is one such name and a recent addition to mens wear in Lahore.

Offering trendy classy designs and embroidered kurtas, Saeed Anwar Banarsi has within a short span of time established itself as a brand known for quality trendy kurtas. Be It Indian Style, Embroidered, or Sherwani Saeed Banarsi has it all .

saeed 2

Talking about the quality For Me Quality is a top priority when it comes to Kurtas and no matter how good value for money you have or how classy the designs are if the quality isnt good you just dont feel comfortable wearing it.

Therefore this Eid I was gifted with a lovely Wash and Wear Kurta From Saeed Anwar Banarsi Plai Black Kurta perfect for formal dnner especially on occasions like Eid. The fitting was absolutely perfect and the quality and look was perfect for the Eid Dinner and appreciated by friends and family.

Saeed 1

So Guys if you are looking for good economical trendy Kurtas or a Perfect Sherwani for your Wedding then Saeed Anwar Banarsi is the place to be.


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Debenhams Collaborates with Akhuwat Foundation

Ramadhan is a month of Blessings and a month where people understand the sufferings of the needy who are deprived of basic necessities of life. Looking at the sufferings we see everyone from individual to companies to organizations do something inorder to bring about a change and help in some way to end the sufferings of the poor in the society.

One such example is of #Debenhams, which did something special for the people in need. Debenhams had teamed up with Akhuwat Foundation and Karachi Relief Trust to help the less fortunate in our society.

I hope you all were just as excited to see campaigns like give and take as I was. All we had to do was go to the Debenhams store with a bag of old clothes and donate them at the drop boxes placed inside the store and in return we got an amazing discount of 20% on all  full priced items. I shopped for the first time without feeling guilty. It felt great to be part of this great cause and help Debenhams bring about a social change after all charity does begin at home. Not Only did it bring about a feeling of accomplishment inside me but to all the shoppers who felt that they have a certain responsibility towards the society and this was the best way they could help.

I have made my contribution to the society, Have you?

All in all Debenhams in my opinion came up with a very creative idea to help bring about a social change and hope they continue to do so throughout so that there is a constant change and feeling of responsibility amongst the people.